Original music from an authentic American artist. 

This breakthrough album calls out for you to listen.


       From the acclaimed  "Welcome To L.A.", a bold look at a city of strangers, wannabes and refugees to "One Hell Of A Note", ripped from today's headlines and spit back out -- these records have something to say. In between, the haunting love songs, "Caffeine and Nicotine" and  "All For You", as well as the soulful lonely night captured in "Goodbye Baby Amen". Sky's song, "Start A New Day" received critical raves when it was featured as the closing finale in the award winning hit play, "That Perfect  Moment". This is an album of beautiful melodies and poetically crafted lyrics, deep in meaning, with sharp wit and  poignant feeling, that can only come from having lived it. 

Sky Keegan began his musical journey in New York City in the early 1970's. While playing on bills with Dave Van Ronk, Loundon Wainwright III, Dave Bromberg, Richie Havens, Patti Smith and New York Dolls, he also was recorded by Epic Records. After moving to L.A. in the mid-1970's, Sky wrote with the influential rock group Sugarloaf, and was the writer on three records which made the Billboard R & B Charts. His song "Blue Vibrations" was covered by the legendary Brook Benton. By the late 1970's, Sky had his songs recorded and released by a variety of bands, from hard rock bands out of Seattle to R&B artists out of Miami and L.A.            

Sky's 45rpm single as a recording artist "Memphis Miracle" was cited in the anthology "Elvis: His Life from A-Z." Sky left music in 1980, when his catalogue purchased by Paul McCartney as part of the highly regarded Claridge Music catalogue (Jersey Boys).

 In 2006, Sky returned to music. He wrote the songs for the hit L.A. play, "That Perfect Moment.

He has recently had two Top 10 records on the Alternative Country charts, Dust Of A Dream and Start A New Day

Thank you for listening. Enjoy and spread the word.